NaOClean - "Perfect Sterilization"

NaOClean - "Perfect Sterilization"

What is NaOClean?

What is NaOClean?

NaOClean is a highly effective disinfecting water

Strong disinfecting power
NaoClean disinfecting water can fully sterilize bacteria in a shorter time at lower concentrations than traditional chemical disinfectants. And as neutral water, it maintains the freshness of food and does not damage nutrients. By eliminating germs on fruits, vegetables or fish, NaOClean can prevent various diseases.

NaOClean effectively eliminates foul odor and offers excellent results without damaging the environment or the human health; whereas conventional disinfectants such as ultraviolet, ozone, and alcohol come with negative consequences.

Safe and Convenient
NaOClean is safer on your skin than other chemical disinfectants. It leaves almost no residual chlorine, thanks to a quick dissolution of active chlorine.

Also, It generates a steady stream of powerful disinfecting water at a constant concentration, allowing the use of this disinfecting water at anytime and anywhere.

Zero pollution
Discharging untreated electrolyzed disinfectant water directly into the sewage system will not damage the environment or the sewage system itself. Nor is it a violation of any sewage acts. NaOClean generates a safe and clean solution without producing a toxic smell and ensures good working conditions.


Disinfectant Generators

Disinfectant Generators

Disinfectant Generator

Disinfectant Generator (Large capacity)

Disinfectant Generator (Small)

Disinfectant Generator (Portable)

High-level Electrolyzed Disinfectant Generator

Disinfectant Generator (Built-in)

Hand Washing Stations

Hand Washing Stations

Hand washing system – DES-H200

Washing hands DES-H200_01

Washing hands before and after meals

Sterilize your fruits DES-H200_02

Sterilize fruits, vegetables dishtowels, etc.

Remove bacteria equipment DES-H200_03

Remove bacteria and odor from equipment in schools

Washing Stands

Washing Stands

Hand washing system

washing hands after work DES-WS850_01

Washing hands before and after work

washing dishware DES-WS850_03

Removing bacteria and bad odor on utensils and dishware

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